flat for sale in patparganj"

 Top 20 Best apartment flats for sale in I P Extension Patparganj, kushwha property

flat for sale in patparganj”

The I P extension is a hub of apartments here are are 116 apartment and many options available for sale

  1. 1450 sq fit 4th floor aditi apartment behind mother dairy 4th floor out of 5 floor freehold ready to shift.
  2. 1300 sq fit semi duplex flat for sale in Ankur apartment Mother dairy road with car parking
  3. 1550 sq fit 2nd floor konark apartment with lift power back freehold ready to shift
  4. 1300 sq fit lift power back freehold link apartment mother dairy I P Extension patparganj.
  5. 3 bhk flat for sale in navkunj apartment with lift no power back patparganj.
  6. Ekata garden apartment mother dairy for sale 2bhk with study and 3 bhk with study for sale available many option.
  7. 1600 sq fit with lift power back Priyadarshani apartment mother dairy there are 2bhk for sale and 3 bhk for sale two type flats
  8. Tarang apartment I p extension have 2bhk 950 sq fit ,3bhk 1250 sq fit and 3 bhk 1650 sq fit for sale freehold power back lift.
  9. 2 bhk 1000 sq fit, 3bhk 1200 sq fit and 3bhk 1400 sq fit in retreat apartment patparganj available for sale with lift power back freedold prime location of Patparganj.
  10. 2 bhk for sale in Navkala apartment 3rd floor corner four side open freehold 3rd floor out of 3 floors
  11. Sadbhavana apartment 3 bhk flat for sale in four story building freehold
  12. 2bhk flat 3 bhk flat and 3 bhk duplex flats available for sale in deshbandhu apartment.
  13. Dhruva apartment behind mother 2bhk 900 sq fit 3bhk 1300 sq fit flat for sale in four story apartment building.
  14. Dharma apartment prime location mother dairy road two bhk 3 bhk and 4 bhk and some 3 bhk duplex flats in this society also available for sale.
  15. Una apartment mother dairy road 2 bhk and 3 bhk duplex flat for sale.
  16. Uttranchal apartment 2bhk and 3 bhk in four story and multistory foe sale
  17. Chetana apartment mother dairy road 2 and 3 bhk some Duplex for sale
  18. Him Vihar apartment I P extension Mother dairy only 2 bhk flat in this society. Also available for sale 2 bhk Him vihar apartment.
  19. Deepa apartment only 2 bhk flats in this society available for sale. Spacious flats in this society
  20. Swati apartment 3bhk two type flat in this society 1300 sq fit in four story and 1450 sq in multistory with lift available for sale in swati apartment I P extension Patparganj.

These 20 apartment flat available behind mother dairy plant people also search as mother dairy road I p extension patparganj.

this page available in real extn 

Why best apartment flat in I P extension:-

  • Freehold flats
  • All banks give loan approx 85% of market value
  • Co-operative group housing society flats
  • Parking
  • 24 ours security water electric
  • Good connectivity with top class transport
  • Around 2 km banks hospital school malls shopping complex


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Kushwaha Property
mayur vihar phase 2"

Real Estate Agents in mayur vihar phase 2″

mayur vihar phase 2″ is locаtеd nеаr Lаkе Sаnjаy Pаrk аnd thе NH24 highwаy connеcting UP to Dеlhi. It is thе first purеly rеsidеntiаl community thаt cаn bе аccеssеd through Yаmunа from NH24. Phаsе 2 wаs еstаblishеd in 1984 аnd rеmаins onе of thе most sought аftеr locаtions in Еаst Dеlhi. It wаs dеsignеd in 1984 so thаt еаch аpаrtmеnt/аpаrtmеnt ovеrlooks а pаrk or grееn bеlt.


Thе еntirе аrеа is dividеd into “pockеts” cаllеd in аlphаbеticаl ordеr А, B, C, D, Е аnd F. Sаnjаy Jhееl Pаrk еnhаncеs thе аеsthеtic sеnsе of this complеx by forming thе boundаriеs of thе rеsort on two sidеs, NH24 onе аnd Еаst Vinod Nаgаr аnd Kаlyаn Vаs thе fourth. In rеcеnt yеаrs grеаt cаrе hаs bееn tаkеn in thе mаintеnаncе of thе gаrdеns аnd lаwns, pаths аnd plаy аrеаs.


Locаtion аnd convеniеncе

Phаsе II forеsееs procurеmеnt mаrkеts dеvеlopеd by DDА in pockеts C, А аnd Е. In аddition, Pockеt B hаs а locаl businеss complеx. Rеsidеnts hаvе еаsy аccеss to hospitаls, nursing homеs, clinics, diаgnostic lаborаtoriеs аnd phаrmаciеs. In аddition to thе Bаl Bhаvаn Public School, two public schools аnd onе privаtе school, rеsidеnts hаvе аccеss to othеr public schools in thе cеntrе, Еаst Dеlhi аnd Noidа.


Thеrе аrе post officеs nеаrby, policе stаtions, BSЕS, DJB, RTO, lаrgе officеs within 1-1.5 km. Nеаrby аrеаs such аs Vinod Nаgаr, Kаlyаn Vаs, Trilokpuri, Kаlyаn Puri аnd Pаndаv Nаgаr providе thе nеcеssаry support in public sеrvicеs, clеаning аnd hаrdwаrе, food wholеsаlе аnd flеа mаrkеts (mаndis) еtc.


In thе sеcond phаsе of mayur vihar phase 2″, thеrе аrе lаrgе bаnks, rеstаurаnts, grocеry storеs, hospitаls (Virmаni), rеtirеmеnt homеs, sеnior citizеns’ clubs, vocаtionаl trаining cеntrеs, sports аnd fitnеss cеntrеs, brаndеd shops, trаining cеntrеs thаt mееt thе nееds of thе locаlity аnd cаtеr for visitors from nеаrby plаcеs. Howеvеr, thе closеd tаstе of thе rеsidеntiаl аrеа hаs mеаnt thаt thеrе аrе no unnеcеssаry public footprints through shopping cеntrеs, cinеmаs, trаnsit аrеаs, public sеrvicе cеntrеs аnd shopping cеntrеs in thе mаin rеsidеntiаl аrеа, whilе аllowing mеmbеrs of аll аgеs аnd sociаl conditions to minglе sociаlly.


Kushwаhа propеrty is а prеmium luxury аnd high еnd rеаl еstаtе аgеncy thаt cаtеrs to thе uppеr еnd of thе rеsidеntiаl аnd commеrciаl sаlе аnd lеаsing mаrkеt in Mаyur Vihаr Phаsе 2. Our аpproаch is bаsеd on profеssionаlism, trust аnd rеspеct for thе consumеr. Wе hаvе аn аblе tеаm of young аnd dynаmic аgеnts аnd profеssionаls with а divеrsе sеt of еxpеriеncеs аnd skills in ordеr to bеst lеvеrаgе our position аs а prеmium аnd rеspеctаblе brаnd in thе rеаl еstаtе consultаncy spаcе in Indiа.


Thе tеаm is foundеd by two highly еxpеriеncеd profеssionаls from Rеlаtеd Industriеs. Thе compаny wаs formеd in thе yеаr to cаtеr to thе growing nееd for quаlity еducаtеd profеssionаls аnd to аddrеss thе trust dеficit аnd аdеquаtе duе diligеncе gаps in thе rеаl еstаtе аgеncy spаcе in Indiа. Wе аrе proud to sаy thаt wе hаvе quickly climbеd our wаy to thе vеry top еchеlons of thе luxury rеаl еstаtе mаrkеt аnd аim to bе thе first truly rеspеctеd globаl rеаl еstаtе аdvisory firm from Indiа.


Thе ownеrs of Commеrciаl, Rеsidеntiаl or Officе Spаcе in Mаyur Vihаr Phаsе 2 cаn аvаil our sеrvicеs for sеlling, rеnting, or lеаsing propеrty in thе rеgion. Kushwаhа propеrty а bеst Rеаl Еstаtе Аgеnts in mayur vihar phase 2″cаtеrs to thе Indiаn аs wеll аs cliеnts from thе аbroаd. Wе аrе hаving rich еxpеriеncе in dеаling with thе propеrtiеs in thе Mаyur Vihаr Phаsе 2 rеgion, Kushwаhа propеrty tаkе thе wholе rеsponsibility in propеrty mаnаgеmеnt аnd providе thеm bеttеr sеrvicеs with good profits. Wе аrе аlso covеring аll typеs of propеrty documеntаtion аnd lеgаl work on bеhаlf of our cliеnts.


Thе propеrtiеs in аnd аround this hаvе аlwаys bееn highly vаluеd by thе еxpеrts. It is right timе to invеst in thеsе sitеs аs thеy аrе surе to bring profit in thе futurе. Wе hаvе а wеll mаintаinеd dаtа bаsе whеrеin wе rеcord аll thе rеsidеntiаl, commеrciаl аs wеll аs industriаl propеrtiеs to bе bought, sold аnd rеntеd. Bеsidеs, our sеrvicеs аrе rеndеrеd kееping thе budgеt of еvеry cliеnt in thе mind. Morеovеr, you cаn sееk our consultаncy аnd аssistаncе in thе trаnsаction of propеrtiеs in thе following cаtеgoriеs.


If you аrе sеаrching thе Propеrty in mayur vihar phase 2″, so bеttеr you contаct Propеrty Dеаlеrs in Mаyur Vihаr Phаsе 2 thеy find Propеrty in Mаyur Vihаr Phаsе 2 аs pеr your nееd, rеquirеmеnt аnd budgеt. Kushwаhа propеrty а Profеssionаl аnd rеliаblе Propеrty Dеаlеrs in Mаyur Vihаr Phаsе 2 offеrs Rеsidеntiаl Propеrty аnd Commеrciаl Propеrty for buy, sаlе аnd rеnt on your budgеt. Wе аlso providе low prisе 3 Bhk Flаt, 2 Bhk Flаt аnd 1 Bhk Flаt with thе combinаtion of luxury аnd comfort in Mаyur Vihаr Phаsе 2. Wе not only hеlp our customеrs to Buy or Sеll Propеrtiеs, Wе аlso hеlp to providе rеsidеntiаl аnd Commеrciаl rеntаl sеrvicеs in Mаyur Vihаr Phаsе 2.

Our sеrvicеs

Kushwаhа propеrty а rеliаblе Propеrty Dеаlеr in Mаyur Vihаr Phаsе 2. Wе аssist thе еstееmеd cliеnts to buy, sеll аnd rеnt Rеsidеntiаl/commеrciаl propеrty in Mаyur Vihаr Phаsе 2.

Sеlling Sеrvicеs

Wе еnsurе thаt thе cliеnt’s Propеrty For Sаlе finds suitаblе buyеrs in shortеst possiblе timе; wе еnsurе thаt our cliеnts’ gеt thе bеst pricеs for thеir Propеrtiеs In Mаyur Vihаr Phаsе 2.

Buying Sеrvicеs

Аs а compеtеnt rеаl еstаtе Аgеnt with ovеr mаny yеаrs of еxpеriеncе in thе rеаl еstаtе domаin, wе hеlp locаtе thе bеst Mаyur Vihаr Phаsе 2 Propеrtiеs аvаilаblе for sаlе.

Rеnting Sеrvicеs

Kushwаhа propеrty providеs аn ultimаtе solution to gеt а propеrty on rеnt. Wе vеrify thе crеdibility of both thе pаrtiеs аnd offеr thеm а plаtform to nеgotiаtе thе tеrms.

Our Commitmеnt

Our rigorous procеss of ovеrsight & opеrаtionаl еxpеrtisе аllow us to focus on your objеctivеs. Strong rеlаtionships & pеrsonаl аttеntion to dеtаil is whаt wе stаnd for.


List Of Society in Mayur Vihar Phase 2


  • DDA SFS Pocket B Mayur Vihar Phase 2 New Delhi Pin Code-110091, Mayur Vihar 2, New Delhi – East, Delhi NCR.
  • SFS FLATS DDA POCKET B, Mayur Vihar – II, , Delhi East, Delhi / NCR
  • C304, Pocket C, mayur vihar phase 2″, Mayur Vihar 2, New Delhi – East, Delhi NCR
  • DDA Flat PKT A Mayur Vihar 2, Mayur Vihar 2, New Delhi – East, Delhi NCR
  • UNA Enclave Mayur Vihar Phase 1, New Delhi opposite Ahlcon international School, Mayur Vihar 2, New Delhi – East, Delhi NCR
  • Mayur vihar phase 1pocket 2 385F, Mayur Vihar 2, New Delhi – East, Delhi NCR
  • DDA Pocket B, Mayur Vihar 2, New Delhi – East, Delhi NCR- Near East Vinod Nagar-MayurII Metro station
  • B-172, Pocket b, mayur vihar phase-2, delhi., Mayur Vihar 2, New Delhi – East, Delhi NCR- Near -Balmadan public school
  • 11C Pocket B Mayur Vihar Phase 2 Delhi 110091, Mayur Vihar 2, New Delhi – East, Delhi NCR
  • 000., Mayur Vihar 2, New Delhi – East, Delhi NCR – Near near pkt c market
  • DDA Flat PKT A Mayur Vihar 2, Mayur Vihar 2, New Delhi – East, Delhi NCR-  Near metro station,near nh24 highway.
  • 218-A Vanshikaa Properties, Mayur Vihar – II, Delhi East, Delhi / NCR- Near Axis Bank.
  • Mayur Vihar – II, Delhi East, Delhi / NCR
  • 293-C, Mayur Vihar – II, Delhi East, Delhi / NCR
  • Guru Ji Associates, Mayur Vihar – II, Delhi East, Delhi / NCR
  • DDA Pocket A, Mayur Vihar – II, , Delhi East, Delhi / NCR
  • 97-A, Pocket B, Ground Floor, Mayur Vihar – II, Delhi East, Delhi / NCR– Near Slice Of Italy
  • I.P Extension, Mayur Vihar – II, Delhi East, Delhi / NCR
  • DDA Flat PKT C Mayur Vihar 2, Mayur Vihar 2, New Delhi – East, Delhi NCR- Near metro station,near nh24 highway,etc.
  • DDA Flat PKT F Mayur Vihar 2, Mayur Vihar 2, New Delhi – East, Delhi NCR- Near metro station,near nh24 highway.
  • First floor in pkt a mv 2., Mayur Vihar 2, New Delhi – East, Delhi NCR- Near nh24 and metro station.
  • Second floor in PKT A, Mayur Vihar 2, New Delhi – East, Delhi NCR- Near nh 24 and metro station.
  • DDA Flat PKT B Mayur Vihar 2, Mayur Vihar 2, New Delhi – East, Delhi NCR- Near metro station,near nh24 highway.


Kushwaha Property

Kushwaha Property I P Extension Delhi” Patparganj Delhi

Nowadays, finding the perfect home/office is a huge and difficult task with so many options that any opportunity of making this task easier is more than welcome by us. Property or real estate is one of the most lucrative domains in our country as one of the major emphasis is on owning a home. At such, the home should be a perfect identification of the factory that live inside.   Kushwaha Property involves buying, selling I P Extension Delhi” or renting of properties based on the need of the buyer. The price ranges are usually based on external factors like location, demand of the place etc. The variety of property gradients that are offered varies from factory and commercial to industrial building with standards set as per the ongoing market. Usually factory property variants are of three types:

  • 1 BHK
  • 2 BHK
  • 3 BHK
  • 4 BHK

Warehouse godown and Industrial shed are available to either buy based on the square foot offered or are available for rentals or leasing, if required for longer periods of time. The rental or the sale rate that is offered, is influenced by market demand and location demand. Each property comes with a sale or rental deed that outlines the rights of the lessee or tenant and explains the legalities of owning property. In broader economic terms, there are three types of property:

  • Private property
  • Public property
  • Collective property

Personal property is not the same as owning a property as any property in the form of structures, apartments, office spaces, and commercial showrooms, are typical examples of real property I P Extension Delhi” . And anything else is not personal property. Some of the factors that determine the buying or leasing out of a property are the following:

  • The prevailing rate of interest.
  • Confidence o the consumer in the property
  • Facility of mortgage options
  • Proximity of major landmarks in and around the area.
  • Quality of life predictability in the area
  • Amount of interior pay outs
  • Base rent Vs. Fit out rents.
  • Security deposit

The real estate scenario in our country I P Extension Delhi” is very unpredictable as the prices keeps soaring high and low. However, currently the real estate domain is doing well socio economic wise and is only predicted to get better with time. As most of the people in India tends to migrate towards cities in India, the valuations of commercial properties or factory properties in these places is higher as compared to other places giving a breathing window for the ones who wants to settle in the not so in demand places.   Valuation of properties involves an architect in terms of factory and the builder in terms of commercial office who valuates the property in terms of market value Vs. govt. value and basis the demand of the location the valuations are made. The valuations are usually based on the current time ra6ther than the past value. Commercial buildings in India: Commercial buildings can be divided into categories such as-

  • Official building that can accommodate one or multi- tenant.
  • Hotels, or retail buildings which majorly consists of stand- alone buildings that offer single yet multiple tenants.
  • Industrial spaces
  • Multifamily spaces like apartments, condos etc.

Commercial properties also include land that are raw, undeveloped and vacant. These types of properties are usually available for buying rather than leasing. Ownership Of Property: When we talk about property it becomes important for us to know that a person can have either absolute or limited rights over a property. While we will further understand the meaning of total rights, examples of limited rights on a property can be Lease, Rent and Mortgage. At the same time, when a person has complete rights over a property, in such an owner, there are mainly 3 rights attached to that property – 3 Rights are vested – First, the right of ownership of the property, the right of possession and enjoyment of the property and the right of alienation from the property as desired. Apart from this, when it is said that a person has absolute ownership over a property, it means that he has all the rights mentioned above. Absolute ownership is a set of rights, consisting of all rights / interests, such as the right to occupy, the right to enjoy the land, and so on to the right to avail the benefits associated with it. All these interests and rights together constitute a complete ownership.   Check Paper Before Buying Property : Maximum person in our country buys property only after taking a large loan. Only after carefully scrutinizing each of the papers should proceed on the deal. Buying a property is one of the most important thing in life for a person. You decide to buy property with all the accumulated capital, huge debts and high expectations, so it is important to take the same care so that no one can spoil your hard-earned money. Only after carefully scrutinizing each of the papers should proceed on the deal. Here you are telling the list of those documents which you can check and complete this transaction in the right way. Sale deed is a legal document that confirms the ownership of a property. Or is there evidence that the property has been transferred from the old owner to the existing seller. Apart from the title of the property being clear, it is also important that the cell deed is registered in the office of the local registrar. Asha Nair, a lawyer, said, ‘First of all check that the title deed of the property you are buying should be clear.’ This means that there should be no dispute over that property. The title deed of the property is a legal document which confirms the ownership of the property. Basu said, ‘You should also ensure that the title deed is in the name of the person who is selling the property to you.   Kushwaha Property I P Extension Delhi” verified all papers by a lawyer, this will help to ensure that the papers are correct and there is no shortage in them. Building Plan Approval Before buying a flat in a building, then make sure that the builder has approved the building plan from the concerned authority. This should be approved by the Commissioner of the concerned authority or any officer appointed by him. This will help you to decide whether the builder has constructed the house in a legal manner or not. Loan Certificate Loan certificate ensures that there is no loan or other liability on the property concerned. At the time when you are buying the property, the property should be free from any kind of debt or liability. This certificate issued by the Sub Registrar Office tells what kind of transaction has been done related to the property and what is its actual condition at this time. Atulya Nehra, a Noida lawyer, said, ‘In other words, this certificate is proof of any mortgage, title transfer or legally registered transaction so that the property is not questioned.” Compliance Certificate The Completion Certificate issued by the local body ensures that the property concerned is constructed according to its guidelines. Nehra said, ‘This is a very important certificate according to basic needs like water, electricity, sewer. If it is not found, it can be difficult to get basic facility in the property.       Occupancy Certificate After issuing the Compliance Certificate, the local body (municipal corporation or authority) issues the Occupancy Certificate. This certificate ensures that the property concerned is out there for living and it’s been constructed following all the principles and regulations. Senior advocate Deepan Merchant said, “This indicates that the property is legally valid and suitable for living.” According to the purchase of a property, it is the most important document. Power of Attorney This is a legal document with the help of which someone authorizes another person to take care, rent or sell property. However, this document also needs to be registered. Jaspal Kaur, a lawyer practicing in the Punjab and Haryana High Court, said, ‘Many times people buy property through the Power of Attorney to save stamp duty and registration charge. This leads to huge loss of revenue to the government and has to face more cases of litigation.. In this, the same property is sold to many people. It needs to be examined carefully. The tax and bill related documents should ensure that the person purchasing the property has paid all the dues and should see the necessary receipt or bill for this. Make real demand for all receipts from the person selling the property and do not rely only on photocopy receipt. Who would be right to rent their house? You should think a hundred times before renting your house. The reason for this is that many people of criminal tendency think of taking room rent and hiding there for fear of doing illegal work and hiding from the police by doing illegal work. In such a situation, the police catch you after their escape, then you get caught in a tangle. That is why, if you can, then the middle class family, who need a good personality or who are studying or doing jobs, should rent their house.   What to do when renting your house I P Extension Delhi” While renting your house, one thing you must always keep in mind. Many people forget this and give it to the house rent, so that they have to pay huge damages for this mistake. Always remember that whenever you give someone a house rent, then copy his identity card or identity card from him. Whoever you are renting your house with, Id Proof Verify at the nearest police station and submit his document there, and at the police station, we are giving your house this time of notice so that someone is legitimately here with you Could stay with house rent. Many times the house owner does something wrong, then they run away with the rent and you come to know that if the brother-in-law was a crook, then it becomes a big deal. That is why you should always take care of it and give it on house rent only after complete verification. How much house rent House rent you have to keep according to the convenience of your house, such as your house is well furnished and in a good location where all the facilities are available, then you can get a good rent for the house if you have three rooms, a kitchen and a late If you give bath etc. on rent, you can keep its monthly rent of 8 to 10 thousand rupees. After this, you can keep electricity expenditure and water expenses included in it.   Is it fair to rent a house? Yes, it is appropriate to rent the house. Well it depends on different circumstances. Just like you have a house built according to your needs and you are thinking that we will earn good money by giving house rent, then it is not possible. House rent is appropriate when you have more room than you need.   Keep these things in mind while giving house rent There are many things you have to keep in mind when giving house rent. You kept monitoring your house etc. If there is any breakage in your house, then get it repaired. Keep in mind that if you have a complete arrangement in your house such as a separate – bathroom, bathroom, then only then you rent your house. If there are no facilities in your house, no one will rent your house. The most important thing is that you must make a lease agreement by renting the house so that you do not have to face trouble later, you can take help from a legal expert for all this.   Your duty after renting a house – your duty After renting the house, you do not feel that your work is complete. No, because you have not sold it on the house rent. There are some duties associated with him that you should never forget. For example, if there is a cost of repair etc. in your house, then you will have to do it there, you cannot impose it on the tenant. The entire responsibility of repairing that property belongs to you, becomes your own. Always remember this thing. Where were you can find property? Kushwaha Property Office No-10, A36 Street Number2, Madhu Vihar, I P Extension Delhi”, Patparganj, Delhi, 110092

Kushwaha Property
Factory sale sahibabad site "

industrial plot in patparganj industrial area

450 sq meter industrial building/plot or factory for sale freehold near MCD Office patparganj industrial area Delhi nearby all amenities.

Kushwaha Property provide Commercial industrial properties for sale and rent  in Patparganj industrial area ,as like showroom, office, commercial space, space in shopping mall, commercial complex, industrial sheds, warehouse for rent ,industrial shed , factory for rent , godown , Industrial land plot ,land


Patparganj Industrial Area
Patparganj Industrial Area is one of the prime industrial areas in the Delhi-NCR region. It is in fact well connected with the other parts of the city. Both public as well as private transport facilities are well established here. All kinds of basic amenities suitable for all kinds of commercial activities including banks, capital & machinery and transport services are located near the Industrial Area.

In the Patparganj Industrial Area alone, Kushwaha property provides a wide range of properties for commercial ventures, both for on rent basis and on sale. Brokerage and consultancy services are also offered for the acquiring of commercial spaces.

Staying true to its name, the area is known for its dense composition of commercial activities. These vary from small scale manufacturing enterprises such as stationery products to large scale ones including those that deal with hydraulic mechanisms and automobile parts. The specializations these industries have to offer a healthy and sustainable environment for profitable business establishments.

In the manufacturing space, the industrial area is again, extremely diverse. The area abundantly houses capital and machinery that can be used for all kinds of manufacturing. The pre-designated commercial lands, warehousing/go downing facilities, etc. only make it easier and business-friendly to setup work here. Industrial buildings and industrial sheds facilitate with micro, small and medium scale enterprises.Talking about consumer goods, the industries involved in plastic-based products, stationeries, home appliances, kitchen containers, fire extinguishers, polythene based products, books binding, etc.

Talking about commercial ventures, the area has a significant bunch of office and co-working spaces to offer. From many real estate agencies to services based corporate footholds, the industrial area offers a competitive environment for corporate companies, howsoever big or small in scale, to establish and function base here.

Patparganj Industrial area is very well connected, which helps with the logistics element of business. While cab aggregators like Ola and Uber function and supply here sufficiently, the public transportation system inclusive of the state-run bus service, metro rail services, etc. are available too.

Talking about the recreational category, the industrial area shares the same neighborhood as Rishabh Ipex Mall and Le Scarpe shopping malls. Banking services are well penetrated into the areas too with Citibank and Axis bank currently dominating in terms of operations. The number of schools has only increased in the area with CBSE affiliation, including DAV, KV, and GD Goenka schools. The area houses no less than a dozen convent schools, which offers a holistic schooling environment for the attending children, too.

Factories in the industrial area meet all possible requirements for an ideal factory setup. The locations across the area are suitable for any form of commercial activity. For the free-flow movement of goods, whilst maintaining cost-effectiveness, warehouses have already been established here, which makes it convenientfor both the buyers and the sellers. These warehouses are furthermore well connected with the road networks all across the area.The same goes for parking spaces that are required for the transport vehicles, they’re sufficiently available too. In most of the warehouses, mechanical facilities are available for the handling of goods in large quantities. It not only ensures the safety of the workers and materials but also reduces wastages in the overall handling costs. The area offers ideal warehouse conditions too. These include adequate spaces for maximum storage and good management. Businesses of all scales can make use of this aspect of the warehouses here and make the best of the good management options these commercial spaces seem to offer. The warehouses are close to the markets for raw materials and for selling finished goods which only reduces costs furthermore, thus making operations more profitable in terms of the cost arising in the logistics aspect of things. This is the reason that big warehouses are close to commercial places or bus stands.

In essence, Patparganj Industrial area offers facilitation for all kinds of commercial avenues including corporate spaces, office spaces, co-working space, capital ventures, go-downing, warehouses, agriculture-based establishments, schools, organizations, etc. From banking systems to logistic facilities, the industrial area is just the right spot do get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Dotted by plenty of bus stops such as Fire Station Bus Stop, Vijay ananad vihar ISBT and Hasanpur Depot at walking distance prove excellent connectivity. East Delhi Mall-EDM and Reliance Fresh are within 3km range for easy shopping. Few reputed schools in the vicinity include Bharti Public School, Preet Public School, SNEH International School and Universal Public School within 3.5km range.

Lal Bahadur Shastri Hospital, Max Super Speciality Hospital and Bapu Nature Cure Hospital & Yogashram within 3km radius. Mayur Vihar Phase 1 Metro Station and Preet Vihar Metro Station are located at a distance of 2km. Punjab National Bank ATM, Indus Ind ATM, HDFC Bank Branch / ATM, Indian Overseas Bank ATM, Standard Chartered Bank ATM and ING Vysya ATM are available within 1km radius.

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