Indraprastha Extension Patparganj is one of the most suitable residential areas in the East Delhi-NCR region. The connectivity with the rest of the parts of the region is well established and hence, one can feasibly commute back and forth. Both public as well as private transport facilities are well established here. , Kushwaha property provides a wide range of properties for residential ownerships, both for on rent basis and on sale. Broker and consultancy services are also offered for the same. Kushwaha property  says  also people told Indraprastha extension Patparganj to ( I.P.Extension Patparganj Delhi,  i p extension Patparganj

All kinds of residential properties including apartment flats, Nearby bungalows, Kothi, Independent floor, house, etc. are readily available for purchase at various price ranges
In this area alone

Standing complementary to its neighboring industrial areas, the area functions as a residential hotspot for carrying out commercial activities in the same. These may vary from 1-4 BHKs to group housing societies and plots. The atmosphere these ownerships have to offer to include a healthy and sustainable environment for setting up your dream home here.
Talking about other amenities, the area has a significant bunch of educational and welfare institutes. From many local parks and schools to police stations and hospitals, the residential area offers both, a competitive and safe environment for the children of the families too. These schools together offer an inclusive form of education; from speech and hearing institutes to international schools offering both, primary and higher levels of education. The same goes for college-level education.
The area not only houses supermarkets and local parks that offer all ranges of household and recreational services respectively but are in fact government-funded too. These include National Refreshment Point, DDA Parks, Seemant Vihar Parks, etc.
Talking about the social amenities category, the area houses almost half a dozen hospitals, police stations, and petrol pumps. Government agency branches with complete internet connectivity and technological setup are present that ensure a much feasible government based documentation processes for the residents here.
Talking about other recreational activities such as food and cinema, the area houses all kinds of eateries including dine-in restaurants and small enterprise setups too. These include Café Coffee Day, McDonald’s, both budget and fancies restaurants, etc. 5 stars plus hotel chains including Radisson, the Golden and JP Hotel and Resorts have their branches opened here.
There is absolutely no issue of shortages of relevant facilities such as 24*7 electricity, water supply, etc. As far as connectivity is concerned, the area can be traveled to and across both by public transports such as DTC buses, Delhi metro (Pink and Blue lines), two metros stations 1st I P Extension Patparganj and 2nd Mandawali west Vinod Nagar, autorickshaws and private ones too, such as Uber, Ola, and Meru.
In essence, Indraprastha Extension Patparganj is a one-stop-shop for all residential plans one might have. With all household enmities and facilities to connectivity with nearby commercial, industrial areas, the area seems one of the most suitable choices for settling and setting up one’s base here.
Their total (116 ) co-operative grouping housing society's Plots,

list of society in Patparganj I P Extension - Download

list of society in Indraprastha extension Patparganj Delhi —Kushwaha property

Behind Mother Dairy to Mangalam Bus Stand list of apartments in Indraprastha Extension Delhi

  • Aditi apartment I.P.Extension  Delhi
  • Ankur apartment I.P.Extension Patparganj Delhi
  • Konark apartmentI.P.Extension Delhi
  • Navkala apartment I.P.Extension Patparganj Delhi
  • Sadbhawna Apartments I.P.Extension Delhi
  • Deshbandhu apartment I.P.Extension Patparganj Delhi
  • Dhruva apartment I.P.Extension  Delhi
  • Dharma apartment I.P.Extension Patparganj Delhi
  • Una enclave apartment I.P.Extension Delhi
  • Chetana apartment I.P.Extension Patparganj Delhi
  • Uttaranchal apartmentI.P.Extension  Delhi
  • Link apartment I.P.Extension Patparganj Delhi
  • Navkunj apartment I.P.Extension Patparganj Delhi
  • Ekata Garden apartment I.P.Extension Patparganj Delhi
  • Priyadarshani apartment I.P.Extension Patparganj Delhi
  • Tarang apartmentI.P.Extension Patparganj Delhi
  • Retreat apartment I.P.Extension Patparganj Delhi
  • Him Vihar apartment I.P.Extension Patparganj Delhi
  • Deepa apartment I.P.Extension Patparganj Delhi
  • Oxford apartment I.P.Extension Patparganj Delhi
  • Swati apartment I.P.Extension Patparganj Delhi

Mangalam Bus Stand and Mandawli west Vinod Nagar Metro station to Gazipur Red Light list of societies in Indraprastha Extension Patparganj Delhi

  • Press apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Akashbharati apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Sarswatikunj apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Technology apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Ras vihar apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Engineer estate apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Sarans apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Shubham apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Paradise apartment I P Extension Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Parivar apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Panchmahal Apartments/Awas Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Bharat apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Arya Nagar apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Bnadana apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Ajanta apartment  Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • oriental apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Vijay Laxmiapartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Sita Ram apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Jai apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Aruna apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Kalol apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Mitraeep apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Prasantapartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Bathala apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Karishma apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension
  • Kripal apartment Delhi East  Patparganj IP Extension

Madhu Vihar to Gazipur Red Light list of apartments/ society in IP extension Kushwaha property

  • Takshila Apartments, C-76, I.P.Extension, Delhi, 110092
  • Jai Lakshmi apartment Indraprastha extension Delhi
  • Balco apartment 58, IP Ext, I.P.Extension, Patparganj, Delhi, 110092
  • Him Varsha apartment Indraprastha extension Delhi
  • Ashirwad enclave apartment Indraprastha extension Delhi
  • Shivalik apartment Indraprastha extension Delhi
  • Agrasen Awas apartment Indraprastha extension Delhi
  • Moon Light apartment
  • Kanoongo apartment Indraprastha extension Delhi
  • Milan Vihar apartment Indraprastha extension Delhi
  • Gourav apartment IP Patparganj Delhi
  • Shri Ganesh apartment IP Patparganj Delhi
  • Maurya apartment IP Patparganj Delhi
  • New Surya Kiran apartment IP Patparganj Delhi
  • Shivani apartment IP Patparganj Delhi
  • Aakriti Apartments apartment Indraprastha extension Delhi
  • Amarpali apartment Indraprastha extension Delhi
  • UNESCO apartment Indraprastha extension Delhi
  • Mangla apartment Indraprastha extension Delhi
  • Sukh Sagar apartment Indraprastha extension Delhi
  • Prince apartment Indraprastha extension Delhi
  • Vardaan apartment Indraprastha extension Delhi
  • Delhi Rajdhi apartment Indraprastha extension Delhi
  • Sudarshan apartment IP extension Delhi
  • Associates apartment IP extension Delhi
  • Nithi apartment Indraprastha extension Delhi
  • Mayurdwaj apartment Indraprastha extension Delhi
  • Kakaatiya apartment Indraprastha extension Delhi
  • Himalaya apartment Indraprastha extension Delhi

Madhu Vihar to Ballco Market list of society in IP extension Delhi Kushwaha property

  • Ashirwad apartment  Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Natraj apartment    Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • seh Vikash apartment  Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Kamyanikunj apartment   Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Meena apartment   Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Puja Extension apartment  East Delhi-110092
  • Mithila apartment   Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Maitri apartment Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Sahaydri apartment   Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Pharma apartment Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Rajdhani Nikunj apartment  Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Narvana apartment  Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Sarswati apartment  Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Friend’s apartment   Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Anamika apartment Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Neelkanth apartment  Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Paesvanath apartment  Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Trilok apartment  Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Kanchanjangha apartment  Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Vidhut apartment   Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Vidisha apartment   Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Rama Krishna Vihar apartment   Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Mayfair apartment  Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Navkranti apartment  Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • mayfair apartment Patparganj East Delhi-110092

Near Max hospital IP Extension Metro station and Hasanpur Village, Patparganj Industrial area to Ballco Market list of apartments in ip extension Patparganj

  • SRM apartment   Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Siddh apartment IP Extension East Delhi-110092
  • Sanchar Lok apartment  Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Vidyut Nikunj Apartment Hasanpur, I.P.Extension, Patparganj, Delhi
  • Azad apartment  Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Sagar Sadan apartment IP Extension  East Delhi-110092
  • Vrindavan apartment IP Extension East Delhi-110092
  • Indraprastha apartment   Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Silver Oak Apartment, Hasanpur, I.P.Extension, Patparganj, Delhi.
  • Kurmanchal apartment  Patparganj East Delhi-110092
  • Vidhi apartment IP Extension  East Delhi-110092

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